What to do with a cauliflower?

Recently cauliflowers have been in plentiful supply and very reasonably priced. Now there are only two of us at home if I buy a whole cauliflower I would like to do more than one recipe using the cauliflower. My sister put me on to a great recipe, Chilli-fried Cauliflower, from Charmaine Solomon’s Complete Vegetarian Cookbook and in the past I have used that recipe quite a lot but it was time for a change.

Last week I borrowed some cook books from the library, one of which was Fast, Fresh, Simple by Donna Hay.


This is a wonderful book. I already have two Donna Hay books of my own but this one had several recipes which I decided to try.

Cauliflower and roasted hazelnut salad.

An alteration I would make to the recipe when I cook it again would be to add 1/4 cup of hazelnuts instead of 1/2 a cup.

Donna Hay

Donna Hay recipeThe recipe only used half of the cauliflower so I had a half still to use. Luckily I had borrowed Sally Wise’s “The Complete Slow Cooker”.


I found a delicious soup recipe which I just have to share with you. Cauliflower, carrot and cumin soup.

Sally Wise recipe

You just need to click on the image to make it larger. The soup was delicious despite the fact I didn’t have the correct amount of carrots! I just made sure I used large onions instead to make up for the lack of carrots.

I didn’t take any photos of the respective dishes but I can assure you that both recipes will be used again by me.

I have Sally Wise’s Year in a Bottle book and it has proved to be most useful. I think I will go and buy a copy of this Slow Cooker Book as there are so many delicious recipes in it and it would prove to be useful too.

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