Power to the people…or not.


Today we were scheduled to have a power cut in Metung for some work replacing power poles.

replacement pole

The cut to the power started at 8.30 am and was meant to conclude at 2.30 pm. I received a text message at about 12.00 telling me that the power would not be restored until 5.00 pm as there was a delay.

We live on a dirt road that is accessed by four households so it doesn’t see much traffic. Today it was like Pitt Street. At one stage there was a group of nine trucks of various types. We haven’t seen this amount of traffic at any stage in the time we have been living here.

gathering of trucksThe delay was obviously bigger than expected as our power was not reconnected until 5.30.

power workers

This is the old pole being taken away.

the old pole

You really don’t appreciate your electricity until you find you don’t have any! Most things these days require power to operate. We are lucky in that we have a gas cooktop but an electric oven. We were at least able to cook on the stove during the day.

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  1. What excitement! It is amazing how much you miss electricity when you don’t have it, you go to switch things on forgetting to make the connection in your head. Great that it was back on the same day though, I sometimes wonder how people cope in Scotland in the winter when there are power cuts that last for days on end. I’ve thankfully never experienced it for more than a few hours, and that’s bad enough.

    1. suth2 says:

      One old fashioned form of lighting we make use of is the paraffin lamp. We use it with citronella scented paraffin to help keep the mosquitoes at bay when we are having a bar-b-que. Sometimes old methods are the best way to go. I have lovely memories of the old lamps when I stayed with my aunt and uncle in the north of Scotland.

      1. That’s a great idea, I wonder if it would work for midges.

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