Spitsizzlers courtesy of our eldest granddaughter!

Our granddaughter is staying with us for a few days during the school holidays and we have been having a great time. One of the things we did was cooking. EJ had brought her cookbook with her so we chose a recipe from the book.

cookbookIf you know anything about Roald Dahl you would realise that the recipes are based on aspects of the various books he has written for children.

recipeWe boiled our vermicelli then oiled it after draining to keep the strands from sticking.vermicilli

We then deep fried it.

friedDrained it on paper towel and sprinkled it with the spice mix.

curry powder and salt

The finished article was quite tasty after we realised that it only needed a very light sprinkling of the spice mixture!

finished articleA tasty snack.

Yesterday we made Wonka’s Nutty Crunch Surprise. What a production that was! We followed the recipe to the letter but unfortunately the instructions for caramelising the sugar were incorrect so it didn’t work the first time. We checked out how to do it on the Internet and the second attempt was successful. These are the finished snacks.


Certainly not healthy as there is a lot of sugar, syrup and chocolate!


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