Cut it, rearrange it and put it back together!

I always have plenty of fabric for quilting. In fact I have probably got too much fabric, making it difficult to make choices when selecting colours for a quilt. Yesterday I spent the time cutting the fabrics for a quilt construction and checking my scant 1/4 inch seam allowance on my sewing machine. It is so long since I last quilted that I had forgotten how I got the accurate 1/4 inch but after a few tries with scrap fabric I was good to go.

This is an example of the pattern I am using.  I am using different colours.


I have just started piecing the fabrics and I am determined this time to be absolutely accurate in my piecing. I am measuring each piece of the block as it is completed and trimming it if necessary or resewing the seam. I haven’t had to resew a seam yet, only trim a couple of edges.

Here are some of the fabrics.

some pieces

I had forgotten how much I enjoy quilting and even though quilting has been described as cutting up fabric and then sewing it back together again, I still get a great sense of satisfaction when a block is completed. I am nowhere near completing a block as I like to get all pieces made before arranging the colours to make the blocks.

2 thoughts on “Cut it, rearrange it and put it back together!

    • Why didn’t I think of that! I have just been using the regular foot on my machine and I don’t always get the right seam size. I will check out quilting feet. Thanks Megsy.

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