Science fiction books I had forgotten that I enjoyed.

When I commented on a previous post that I didn’t really enjoy science fiction as a genre I received a comment from  the author of sciencefictionruminations   suggesting that I read social science fiction and giving me a few titles to try and I intend to do so.

When I thought more thoroughly of science fiction books I have read and enjoyed I thought of John Wyndham (this link gives several articles on John Wyndham). I first encountered him at high school. I had to read Day of the Triffids as part of our English curriculum.

triffidsThis novel has since then been interpreted as a movie and a TV series – I have seen neither.  I can’t remember if I enjoyed the novel in high school but I read it again in my early twenties and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I then read further books by Wyndham and my favourite was The Midwich Cuckoos which has also been made into a movie, twice.  I haven’t seen that movie either.

Perhaps I  have read more science fiction than I first thought.  I should also mention The Windup Girl which I wrote about in a previous post.

3 thoughts on “Science fiction books I had forgotten that I enjoyed.

  1. The film of the Triffids book is quite a classic isn’t it? I haven’t seen it, or read the book. There’s quite a wide variety of literature within the sci-fi genre, I’m often surprised when I see the number of titles in a library or a bookshop. Have you read anything by Terry Pratchett? He’s the author I’m most familiar with in science fiction.

    • My husband is an avid Terry Pratchett fan, again it is not my cup of tea. I remember watching something on television about a post office and undelivered mail but that is about the extent of my knowledge of his writing. Doesn’t his writing take place in the Disc World?

      • That’s right, yes. I suppose it’s either your cup of tea or it isn’t. Going Postal, the book about the post office, is a particularly good one, I think.I haven’t seen the TV adaptation though.

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