The Art of Australia

For those of you in Australia this post is for you as I don’t think overseas readers will be able to access the program.

Last Tuesday on ABC television there was a program called The Art of Australia.  I had programmed the calendar on my phone to alert me when it was on but my husband was watching something else at the time so I watched the program later on iview.

Edmund Capon
The Art Of Australia Episode 1 Strangers In A Strange Land
The Art of Australia is a stunning three-part landmark series on how art and artists helped to shape Australia’s national identity. Hosted by Edmund Capon, former Director of the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

I suggest you watch it on iview before the next episode is on live on Tuesday 29th October at 8.30pm.

The program linked the works of art to Australia’s history and was done so in a most interesting way.  I am really looking forward to the next episode.

I don’t watch much television these days, apart from a bit of sport.  I tend to search out those programs that I am likely to be interested in.  The television can remain off for a couple of weeks before something takes my interest.

This is just one of the iconic images that was part of the program. Tom Roberts – Shearing the Rams

tom roberts

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  1. I like a good documentary, but right enough I wasn’t able to view it due to being outside Australia. I like the sheep shearing picture you’ve included.

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