Doing my duty as a citizen of this country


One of the tasks that falls upon you as a citizen of Australia, on the electoral role, is to be called up for Jury Duty.  I have been called up once before but was not selected for the jury, this time I was the last one called of the twelve jury members.

I have never been on Jury Duty before so it was a new experience for me and it was a worthwhile one.  It is a huge responsibility to have to listen carefully to all that is presented to you in court and then to make your decision based on facts only and the reliability of the evidence given.

This took place over a few days and it was an enlightening experience.  As a juror you are not permitted to discuss the case or the decision that was reached, nor are you permitted to identify other members of the jury.

As an avid reader of crime fiction, one thing I did note was that what is written in fiction books comes to life when you are placed in the situation yourself.


This took place in our local courthouse which is an unusual piece of architecture in an Australian  country town.  It is a pity that the paintwork in the interior of the courthouse has not been kept in good condition and doesn’t really enhance the beautiful architectural features of the interior.  Some money needs to be spent on redecorating!

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  1. What an interesting building, I wouldn’t have guessed it was a courthouse. I can imagine you enjoyed your experience of sitting through a trial. I was called up a few weeks ago but wasn’t one of the 15 chosen to serve on the jury (I don’t know why, but Scotland uses 15 rather than 12 jurors). I wonder if your legal system is run any more efficiently than ours. I had to wait 4 hours to find out I wasn’t needed, and more than an hour of that was spent standing in a corridor with signs saying ‘no standing here’ because they had too many people. My experience was fairly typical, from what I can gather from other people who’ve done it, and I can’t say it made me feel very confident about the system as a whole.

    1. suth2 says:

      Our system certainly has its flaws too. I was called up once before but wasn’t needed but didn’t have to wait for four hours as the trial didn’t go ahead. None of the potential jurors was needed.
      Perhaps having 15 jurors they may have a couple of reserves incase someone gets sick. Just a thought.

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