Echidnas and hedgehogs

Lorna, from Tearoom Delights posted about a visit of a hedgehog to her garden and it prompted me to post about a similar incident in our garden, although on the opposite side of the world.
In previous years we have had an echidna visit our garden, each year about this time. This year we had another visit but I think it may be one of the offspring as the echidna was a little smaller.
My husband managed to get a video of the echidna as he was strolling through the garden.

I  had great difficulty in trying to upload the video, I might add that I am no computer expert but there must be a quicker way to load videos.   This little video took so long to upload to Youtube, I swear it took me all afternoon to do so.   I had difficulty with my first attempt which was just trying to do it directly to WordPress so I tried Youtube and after changing the file to the recommended format I still had difficulty so I went back to the original format and uploaded it to Youtube.  It was still a lengthy process.

How do you upload videos to WordPress – those of you who have used video on your blogs?

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  1. What a lovely wee chap! Thanks for the mention. I also made a little video of my hedgehog and wondered about uploading it to my blog but then discovered I’d have to upgrade for video content so I didn’t even try. When I read about the hassles you had I’m glad I didn’t even attempt it! How did your husband hold his camera so steady? Nice work.

  2. ashley828 says:

    Okay, if I saw that in my yard I might scream, but at least he’s cuter than an opossum. I almost would rather have a spiny little critter hanging around than a mean, terror inducing opossum!

  3. Tom Duhamel says:

    Late to the party… But I do post videos on my blogs which are from YouTube. Very easy to do. I’ve never tried the video feature from WP (yep, you need to be a premium member), but YouTube rules so I never bothered doing it any other way.

    An unedited video right from your camera is most probably quite large, even if it’s a short one. This is because your camera doesn’t compress much, which is desirable so you can edit it later, and recompress it in a format more suitable for publishing. Of course, YouTube does the rest of the job for you, so you want to send them just that, the raw file from the camera. My own camera generates a video which is about 100 MB for every minute. This is big, so yes it takes a while to upload. A 3 minute video takes nearly half an hour for me (I have a good and fast Internet connection). It takes a while, it’s normal, don’t worry.

    1. suth2 says:

      Thank you so much for your detailed response. I finally did upload it using YouTube so I will continue to do it that way. Our internet connection is wireless and is very slow at times, I think that is why it took so long to do.

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