The gift of friendship

GiftofFriendshipI have just spent three wonderful days with two of my friends from Canberra.  Some of you would know that I used to live in Canberra, in fact we spent 33 years of our married life in Canberra, or close by. My friends still live in Canberra and I try to catch up with them when we visit the city.

The two friends who were visiting me are two of a group of five known as the Cappuccino Ladies. We were originally teaching colleagues but have all gone down different career paths and are now all retired.  We used to meet once a fortnight for coffee but that grew into meeting for dinner, once our kids were a bit older and we could afford more time. When our kids had left home we then used to try to organise an outing twice a year as well as our fortnightly meetings.  We went skiing and we went down the coast for weekends.  We also went to Sydney and climbed the Harbour Bridge.

I no longer live in Canberra so have missed out on the last few outings they have had but I was thrilled when they decided to come to Metung to spend some time with me.  We had three wonderful days catching up at our leisure and we have started to plan our next meeting which will include our spouses, some cycling and some wine tasting.


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