Melbourne and memories, it really is a small world


Recently we were in Melbourne for a two night stay and had a wonderful time but my reason for this blog post is to share with you a lovely surprise I had while there.

My husband and I were going down in the lift of our hotel when it stopped at a floor and another couple got into the lift.  I had a quick look as they entered the lift and thought immediately that I knew the woman.  I had another look and was astounded to realise that it was a friend from my days at Teachers’ College, way back in 1968.  It was at least 43 years since I had last seen her so it was surprising that I recognised her.

By the time I recognised her, she had recognised me and we both gave each other huge hugs and marvelled at the likelihood of us coming across each other.  Unfortunately she was on her way somewhere else, as we were, so we didn’t get time to share any stories but the actual meeting was delightful.

When I returned home I contacted one of my other friends from my college days that I keep in touch with and she suggested that it was time that we got together again before we all get too old.

The chance meeting in the lift was the icing on the cake of my Melbourne visit.

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