A Puppy for Xmas

This post struck a chord with me. Taking an animal into your family is a huge decision and certainly one that should be made by the whole family. As this post demonstrates there is so much more than meets the eye when you take on a pet. A pet is not something which should be given as a gift by someone outside the family. What are your thoughts?

Off Topic

Just yesterday, as I was leaving the mall, I overheard that woman talking on her phone. She was asking the price for getting a kitten sterilized and declawed.

Oh! I’ve been a good boy. Those who know me know that I am rarely a good boy. There were so many things wrong with these few words that I didn’t know where to start. Maybe it was those two heavy grocery bags that I was carrying, but I did nothing. I simply stared at her with angry eyes, and walked to my car. She didn’t even notice me, but her friend did, and moved away.

I wish I took a different decision. I wish I didn’t play the good boy. Since yesterday, I can’t think of anything other than what I should have done. I see myself walking to her, put my bags down, take the phone off her hand and…

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4 thoughts on “A Puppy for Xmas

  1. At the shelter where II volunteer we don’t allow any pets to go as a gift without permission of the recipient. All our cats are kept in the shelter until they are old enough to be de sexed, they are also microchipped, free of fleas and worms and are fully vet checked. It is also a euthanasia free shelter and we seem to eventually find homes for them all..I expect we will have some surrendered gifts a few months after Xmas. It really is a pet for life.m

  2. I like the idea of buying a pet accessory as a gift and then going to a shelter with the recipient to choose a pet for them. I’ve never had pets myself but I do agree with the argument here, giving a pet as a Christmas present doesn’t seem like a good idea. (Sorry if this comment has posted more than once, I had trouble submitting it.)

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