A recap of my festive season


I’m back blogging after a delightful festive season as we had visits from both daughters and their families.  Our son wasn’t able to join us as he is in Tasmania, hiking in the wilds.

We were able to spend Christmas morning with two of our grandchildren and see the joy on their faces as they opened the presents that Santa had left for them.

MSorry it is blurred.

My birthday is on Boxing Day so I was also able to spend my birthday with my family.  Emma, aged 11, decorated some beautiful cupcakes for my birthday.  She wanted to reflect something that was “just Granny” so decorated the cupcakes as balls of wool and knitting needles.  I think she carried that off superbly.

wool and needles

I also received some birthday cards that reflected my love of knitting.

knitting card

My birthday also meant I had time to watch the Boxing Day Test Match….The Ashes.  Our grandson is very keen on cricket as you can see by his Christmas present.


I have mentioned in a previous blog about the importance of family and Christmas reinforces this even more.

I was able to spend time in “the shed” doing some creating with my daughter and granddaughter

shedand when my younger daughter arrived she spent time creating in the shed too.

As the weather was good while they were here they were able to swim in the lake and also enjoy the sunsets.

lakeI reflective picture to finish off 2013.

12 thoughts on “A recap of my festive season

    • Thank you Avis. I love the fact that all three members of our family enjoy crafting and the even nicer aspect is all the grandchildren love creating too.

    • I just wish the press would have a nicer attitude. It is lovely to be supporting a winning side but there is no need to denigrate the losing team.

  1. We are so lucky to enjoy family time at Christmas.Beautiful offspring.We had everyone except Hanako, she’s busy with some artistic pursuit, she shares a studio space now for her work so thats better for her. I hate having to clear away all the sewing stuff,only to set up again. I love your shed..We’ve decided we want a shed each! Looks Just gorgeous there right now. Enjoy the summer. Love Meg.

    • We are lucky enough to have a shed each. I still get in to trouble for taking stuff from Swampy’s shed. Sometimes he has just the thing I need. Yesterday I was making covered cording for a cover and I had no cord but was able to use some thin rope that he had.
      Kirsten and Fiona enjoy sewing here as I have collected various bits and bobs over the years and seem to have what they need when they are here.
      Glad you had a great family Christmas. Love Heather

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