Birthdays and growing older

As I have recently celebrated my birthday, and birthdays are always a time for contemplation, I have been doing some thinking about growing old and what it means. I know our physical health is of paramount importance in the ageing process but it is also important to think of your emotional wellbeing. I am very lucky to be living a very contented life and the aches and pains that come with old age are of minor significance.
I came across a quote recently that seems appropriate at this time:

old age


3 thoughts on “Birthdays and growing older

  1. A very good point. I’ve been feeling sorry for myself recently with back pain that’s spread into my hips and I sometimes feel as if I’m falling apart, but I’m lucky to be alive and I can still walk and do just about everything I want to do (I was hoping to manage the splits one of these days but that’s not going to happen!).

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