Are you a Pinner? Do you have Pinterest boards?

I have been a follower of Pinterest for quite some time

Pinterestand you can spend an incredible amount of time looking at all the wonderful ideas to be found there. I find it is invaluable for great ideas for DIY and craft, also for knitting ideas although Ravelry is my main source of inspiration for knitting.

I often wonder if many people actually complete or follow through on the pins that they put on their boards.  My younger daughter has a board called Successful Pinspirations


Here she records those Pinterest ideas that she has followed up. The reason I mention Pinterest is that my first bit of creating for 2014 is from an idea I saw on Pinterest.

Originally I was going to use a grater to make a holder for my earrings


but after seeing this pin

lace in frame I decided to follow it up and now have a holder for my earrings.

earring holderI didn’t paint the frame as I wanted to match the frame that was already on the wall.

10 thoughts on “Are you a Pinner? Do you have Pinterest boards?

  1. I love Pinterest, it’s such a great tool for a crafter. Your lace frame looks fab, I would use it to display brooches.

  2. I have toyed with the idea of starting a pinterest account, mostly for pictures of Scotland and other interests I have. your idea for the earrings is really good … it looks great on your wall.

  3. Pinterest is full of good ideas, and that earring holder is a fine example. I’m on pinterest but I virtually never look at it, mainly due to a lack of time and all the other social networking type sites that I’m signed up to. You could easily spend all day online looking at interesting stuff, there’s so much of it about. I can see that pinterest would be really handy for crafters though.

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