Too hot for words

hot weatherThis shows the weather yesterday at 1.45pm,  it was a bit hot.

I has been too hot to do anything other than reading.  We are so glad we put on solar power recently so don’t feel so guilty when we put on the airconditioner, that kept the temperature down to 27 in the house.

The poor garden has suffered.

ruined rhubarbThe rhubarb cooked.

parched pumpkinsThe pumpkin passed out.

It is going to be hot again today.

15 thoughts on “Too hot for words

  1. Oh my. 46 C is like umm 110 or 115 here ….. whew. I won’t complain about the snow for a while. We’re having a January thaw –

  2. So hard to imagine that heat sitting here in Scotland with a hot water bottle at my back (that no doubt sounds horrendous to you!). We’ve been seeing reports of Australia’s bush fires on the news here, and people passing out at the Open. What a pity about your plants, but hopefully you’ll get a bit of relief from the heat soon. I’m impressed that you’re even reading, I think I’d be dosing off a lot.

  3. Poor Rhubarb!! I feel so guilty when my garden wilts, and then I rush to revive it with water – often finding that i shock them more. I love my Rhurbarb, so I hope yours recovers quick. My partner was crossing the Hay plains on a really hot day – sent me photo’s of the dashboard tempt guage up to 49 C.

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