The eyes have it!


I have had a week of difficulty with my eyes.  It has made me realise that I am not a very patient person when it comes to illness.  A week ago I was working in the garden and afterwards I had a sore eye.  It felt as though there was something in my eye but there didn’t appear to be anything there.

I went through the usual routine of putting drops in my eye to alleviate the problem but that was when the problem became infinitely worse.  Both of my eyes swelled up and I had to go to Casualty because I was seriously concerned. (It was the weekend and no doctors’ surgeries were open)


At Casualty my eyes were thoroughly checked to make sure that there was nothing in them and I was given an antibiotic ointment to use.  I did this and my eyes became even worse.  On the following Monday I went to the doctor who agreed with me that I appeared to be allergic to the antibiotic and she gave me allergy drops to use and suggested I see an optometrist if my eyes didn’t improve.  They didn’t improve so I went to the optometrist and he agreed I was allergic to the drops and rinsed out my eyes with saline solution and suggested I just use lubricating drops to stabilise the eyes.

No luck there, the eyes continued to be completely swollen so I returned to the doctor, by this time it was Friday, my doctor wasn’t available so I saw another doctor.  “Yes, you are having a severe reaction to what you are using.”  He gave me new antibiotic drops and a steroid drop to use for three days.  I go back to the doctor today.

My eyes are not as swollen but still not right. It will be interesting to hear what the doctor has to say.

9 thoughts on “The eyes have it!

    • Went to the doctor today and now have stopped the steroid drops and am only on the antibiotic drops but now also have antibiotic tablets. On the mend.

  1. That’s awful, Heather, I really hope you get a satisfactory outcome at the doctor’s today. It’s often only when something like this happens that you realise just how precious your health is. At least the swelling seems to be going down now, hopefully that’s some comfort.

  2. Sounds like blephritis. Treatment is washing the eyelids with a few drops of baby shampoo in water small egg cup is big enough, then use a cotton bud to wash and massage along the eyelid and also inside the eyelid. The chlorocort drops will also help. I hate when my eyes are bung, I have to keep on top of mine.

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