Love and the American Revolution


Brave Enemies by Robert Morgan.

brave enemies

I have to admit up front that my knowledge of American history is scant so you need to keep that in mind when reading my review of this book.

I thoroughly enjoyed the novel although there were parts that were rather gruesome in the detail provided of the killing taking place. The female protagonist in this novel is to be admired for her incredible bravery, at times unbelievable, in situations that would leave most women rigid with fear.

I feel that I know a little more about the American Revolution now that I have read this novel.

From the book cover:

In the midst of the American Revolution, unrest ruled the Carolinas.  Settlers mustered for battle as British forces infiltrated the forests and pillaged their hard-won farms.

Disguised as a man, Josie Summers flees her home in the wake of her stepfather’s murder and becomes lost in the impenetrable snowy woods.  She accepts a young preacher’s offer of refuge, but when Joseph’s true identity is revealed, the Reverend John Trethman is racked with guilt at having shared his home with a young woman and, even worse, having fallen in love with her.

Soon terrible events see John and Josie forced to fight on opposing sides of the war, and they despair of ever seeing one another again.  On 17th January 1781, the two forces meet in a battle that will be the turning point of the Revolution.

This novel is a love story amidst the chaos of war. For me it was an enlightening read.

Another book for my Historical Fiction Reading Challenge 2014.

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  1. It sounds as if it could be quite heart wrenching, but strong characters often pull you along and make you read through what you might not otherwise want to endure. I know virtually nothing about this time and place in history so I expect I’d get a bit of an education reading it.

    1. suth2 says:

      I certainly got an education. Since reading this novel I have read another book involving American History so I am slowly learning along the way. With my Historical Fiction Challenge this year my knowledge of American history should have improved by the end of the year.

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