Maritime movements at Metung

Last week there was a bit of activity on the waters of Bancroft Bay.

Bancroft BayI was on my way home when I spotted this tug and a barge on the water.  It is usually very quiet on this part of the bay, except on weekends.  I stopped to have a closer look but I only had my iphone to take pictures so those that I zoomed are a bit blurred.

craneThere was a crane on the end of the barge and it appeared to be either collecting something from the water or depositing something.  After watching for a while I discovered that the crane was putting something into the water.

what are they?The four items, looking like upended teacups, were what the crane was depositing into the water.  They looked as if they were made of concrete and they had many holes in them.

later in the dayI went back to the lake later in the day and there was only one of the items left.  I have absolutely no idea what they are but I went on the East Gippsland fisheries website to see if there was any information there but there wasn’t.

Perhaps they are some sort of safe haven for fish, to hide or to breed?

One thought on “Maritime movements at Metung

  1. Oh Heather, you’ve made my morning posting those beautiful photographs of sunshine on water. The warmth! It’s frosty where I am today and I’m going to stare at your pics for a while to escape. All sorts of strange things go on with barges, I wonder what these big concrete blocks were for.

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