Multi tasking Metung Hotel

Metung Hotel

The Metung Hotel must be one of the beautiful hotels in the country as it has the most magnificent outlook. I wrote about the hotel in a previous post way back in 2011.

hotel2 The post today shows just how the hotel can adapt itself to different situations.

Yesterday there was a wedding reception at the hotel and this morning there was fevered activity in order to prepare for this event today.


People had to register in order to attend the auction and many people were expected to attend as the event had been advertised in the Melbourne newspapers.before at 7.45The marquee that had been used for the wedding reception had been doubled in size.

before2I actually remembered to go down to the village later in the day to see whether many did turn up for the auction and I was staggered by the amount of traffic in the village.

Metung RoadThere were cars parked in every imaginable spot.

Stirling RoadObviously there were a lot of people interested in the auction.

auction1It was certainly a beautiful setting for an auction.

auction2I don’t know if it would have been too pleasant in the marquee during the auction as the temperatures today were in the 40s.  It was 44.9 degrees at 2.20pm.

I hope the auction was a success as there were over eighty properties to be sold.

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