Tuesday travels. . . Jedburgh, Scotland

On our return to Scotland, after our stay in Yorkshire, we stopped for a look at Jedburgh a border town in Scotland.

Scottish borderWe had passed into Scotland previously but by a different route.

Jedburgh AbbeyThe town is well known for the abbey, which was founded in 1138.

Another attraction in the town is Mary, Queen of Scots House which houses the story of Mary’s life.

Mary, Queen of Scots House Mary stayed here in 1566.

We also visited the Jedburgh Castle Jail. This is an example of a Howard Reform prison.

Jedburgh JailThe exhibitions in the jail were very interesting, the history of Jedburgh and prison life, unfortunately we were running out of time so didn’t spend as long as we would have liked.

One aspect of Jedburgh that caught my eye was the signage on the various buildings.  The first one was on the library.

A Carnegie LIbraryI also liked this lettering on this one.

Reminiscent of Rennie MacIntoshThe saying on this made me smile:

aye tae a pieThis one made me laugh, why would you call a hotel the Spread Eagle Hotel?  It made me think of spread-eagled meaning a person with arms and legs spread out ready to be flogged, or meaning in disarray. I have since discovered there are many hotels that go by this name, one of which is in the village where Midsomer Murders is filmed.  We also have one in Melbourne.spread eagle hotel There must have been some significance attached to it but I don’t know what it was.

The last sign I liked because it was my name. 😉


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  1. Debbie - Life ReBooted! says:

    From Wiki .”…in medieval and modern heraldry eagles are often said to indicate that the armiger (person bearing the arms) was courageous, a man of action and judicious. Where an eagle’s wings were spread (“displayed”) it was said to indicate the bearer’s role as a protector.

    1. suth2 says:

      Thanks Debbie. I can see now why they would have chosen the name.

  2. It’s a nice little town, Jedburgh. I’ve been to the abbey but never to Mary Queen of Scots House, I should do that some time. A fine collection of signs you collected there.

    1. suth2 says:

      I tend to think of the border towns as those places that produced excellent rugby players. Good farming stock!

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