The mother of all weather stations

My husband is a keen follower of the weather.  In fact you could almost say he is fanatical about weather records so it was with heavy heart that he discovered his weather monitor outdoor sensor had been knocked off the wall during heavy winds recently and was no longer working.  What to do?

He did careful research on the internet and decided to buy this particular weather station.

new weather station

This one certainly has plenty of bells and whistles.

He was eager to get the weather station operational and so it was installed that very day.

weather station2He now can keep records of some additional aspects of the weather that were not available to him on the previous station.

old weather stationThat is the old monitor and this is the new one.

new weather stationUnfortunately the new one doesn’t keep a record of maximum and minimum temperature whereas the previous station did. Apart from that minor disadvantage I think he is happy with the new station.

Addendum: He has found a way around getting the maximum /minimum so all is good.

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  1. That’s an impressive looking station. My parents have a similar thing but it doesn’t have an anemometer outside, just a temperature sensor. It often has a picture of a sun on it when the weather is actually cloudy and dull. It amuses us.

    1. suth2 says:

      My husband thinks that perhaps this is what the weather bureau uses. 🙂 It seems to be about as accurate as the weather bureau.

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