Plans underway for a new marina at Metung

On our early morning walk recently

in front of the Metung Yacht Club

we noticed that a couple of posts, from the marina in front of the Yacht Club, had been removed from the water.

pylonsThere has been on-going discussion about the proposed new marina but nothing seems to happen.

The following day we noticed this in the local newspaper, The Bairnsdale Advertiser.

advertisementMaybe things are happening at last.

This gives you a little of the history of yachting at Metung, click on it to read the small print.

yachting history

4 thoughts on “Plans underway for a new marina at Metung

    • The existing marine was opened in 1979 so it it showing the ravages of time. Yes, the locals want the marina but the discussions have been on-going for several years so they are keen for things to start happening.
      No I don’t sail, but we have a small “tinnie” which is just a boat with an outboard motor to use for fishing. The boat is in the picture on the header of the blog.

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