Dora the explorer nightie

I have not done any sewing for a while and this year I had promised myself that I would do some sewing for myself.  No I have not made myself a Dora the explorer nightie I have made myself some navy linen pants.  Because navy linen is so difficult to photograph you will just have to take my word for the fact that I have made them.  I was so pleased with the result that it inspired me to do a bit more sewing.

This particular material had been languishing in my “to do” basket for quite a while so it was good to get it used.

I chose this pattern.

nightie patternI used the Dora fabric and this is the end result.

dora nightieI was not happy with the way that the lace was added as it leaves a raw edge on the inside.  I would finish it off differently if I was to make the pattern again.

lace edge

6 thoughts on “Dora the explorer nightie

  1. I have found quite a few issues with the pattern I am currently working with too. There has been a lot of problem solving and thinking on the fly in order to get things to work. Some steps have even been missed out all together!
    The Dora nightie turned out really nicely.

    • Maybe if you contacted the pattern makers with the issues they might respond and thank you for your input.

      I think Maggie will like the nightie as Dora is her favourite.

  2. That’s what I found out when i did the lace trim on my nightie too. I decided I could live with it, seeing as I have bought expensive blouses with raw edges for the shabby look!!

    • I could see at the time that it wasn’t going to be the best but I tend to follow patterns exactly as they say. I should be more daring and do some aspects the way I think it should be rather than what the pattern tells me to do.
      I like the idea of the shabby look!

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