Jennifer suggested Daniel Silva and I am hooked.

Jennifer from A Little Fluff suggested that I might like to read some of Daniel Silva’s novels and so I took up her suggestion and started with The Mark of the Assassin.  I enjoyed that novel and so I have now read another.  The ConfessorThis is another crime fiction novel but with a historical twist.  It probably shouldn’t be included in my Historical Fiction Reading Challenge as it is set in the present day but I am going to include it as the plot is linked to events in World War II.

From the book jacket:

Art restorer Gabriel Allon is trying to put his secret service past behind him,  But when his friend Benjamin Stern is murdered in Munich, he’s called into action once more.

Police in Germany are certain that Stern, a professor well-known for his work on the Holocaust, was killed by right-wing extremists.  But Allon is far from convinced.  Not least because all trace of the new book Stern was researching has now mysteriously disappeared. . . 

Meanwhile, in Rome, the new Pope paces around his garden, thinking about the perilous plan he’s about to set in motion.  If successful, he will revolutionize the Church.  If not, he could very well destroy it. . . 

In the dramatic weeks to come, the journeys of these two men will intersect.  Long-buried secrets and unthinkable deeds will come to light, and both their lives will be changed for ever. . . . 

I loved this book. The book tells us a great deal about the role of the Pope and the Vatican in World War II, along with the Jews and the treatment of them. The characters are “real” and the plot has many twists and turns.

This was my second Daniel Silva novel and I will be reading many more as he doesn’t follow the usual formula for a crime fiction novel.  My next cab of the rank is The Defector.



6 thoughts on “Jennifer suggested Daniel Silva and I am hooked.

    • It was certainly historical enough. I had no idea of the link of the Nazis to the Vatican during war time but I wonder how much of the story was based on fact, very little I imagine?

  1. I am so glad you like these …….. I’m going to review another author some time soon —- you’ll like her too!

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