Normal service has resumed. . . . .I have been a bit busy recently.

It is some time ago that I last posted as I have been otherwise occupied. We had our grandson staying with us for a short while and then I took him home to Melbourne and spent a few days in Melbourne, naturally I didn’t have time to do any internet work as I was enjoying the company of my elder daughter, her husband and our grandchildren.

While our grandson was with us we had a lovely time despite the poor weather. We played board games, Lego, tried a puzzle and did some cooking and sewing.

pjsOur grandson chose some fabric for pyjama pants and I was able to whip up three pairs for him, he was wearing one pair when I took this photo.  He also chose the owl fabric for me to make some for his sister.

He wanted to learn how to use the sewing machine so we practised sewing straight lines on paper first and then he made a cushion for each member of his family by using the scraps left over from the pyjama pants.  He was thrilled.

The joys of having grandchildren are numerous and I certainly appreciated the time spent with him. I was also able to spend time with my granddaughter when we returned to Melbourne. I think both grandchildren enjoyed the time on their own and were more appreciative of each other when they were back together again.

We had also tried to go to a Pioneer Day at the local homestead while our grandson was with us but unfortunately the weather meant that the day was cancelled.  We were disappointed as we didn’t get the opportunity to see the pioneer crafts.

Pioneer Day


9 thoughts on “Normal service has resumed. . . . .I have been a bit busy recently.

  1. Now that’s given me an idea, Pj’s for the kids coming soon! I made all the girls some cute shorts for Christmas, so I think I’ll be able to have fun with that. Glad you enjoyed the break with Kisten, Greg and the kids.

    • I had a great time Megsy.
      Glad to hear you had a good birthday.
      Pj’s are the way to go. The kids love them. Maggie was thrilled that Lewis had chosen some owl fabric for her.

  2. What a wonderful time you had – too bad about the weather! I’m so thrilled your grandson wants to sew. I see that a lot of younger kids seemed thrilled with anything they can make by hand. We’re on the right track! I’m almost done with my second sock!

    • Great to hear that your sock knitting is speeding along. I need to get back to my knitting as I haven’t done any for quite some time. Now the colder weather is here it is more conducive to knitting. You will be heading into warmer weather now.

      • Finally! Luckily socks are small – not like sitting under a huge wool sweater! We’ll see if i can keep it up when it’s 90! I might have to switch back to sewing until fall.

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