Cooking with children. . . .what are the best books?

Having our grandson with us we decided to let him do some cooking while he was here. I borrowed a book from the library and had marked a few recipes that I thought would be suitable.

DSCN1085Our grandson chose a recipe that he fancied, it wasn’t one of those I had marked, and we checked to make sure we had all the necessary ingredients. cookbook This recipe book is by Stephanie Alexander who started the Kitchen Garden Project in schools around Australia. The project has been highly successful and so I thought the book would be a good one for a recipe as the recipes had all been made in the schools that participate in the Kitchen Garden Project. The recipe was Baked Potatoes with Spring Onions and Grilled Cheese. recipe The trickiest part was scooping out the potatoes as there is always the danger that the scooping goes too deep and the skin gets broken but that didn’t happen as our grandson did it very carefully. scooped out The spring onions were chopped and mixed with the scooped out potato and some butter and cheese then returned to the skins. before bakingThe potato on the left was a left-over from the previous night. They were topped with cheese and a knob of butter and put in the oven to brown. finished articleHe was absolutely thrilled with the result as were we. Do you have a children’s cookbook you can recommend?  I can certainly recommend this one.

One thought on “Cooking with children. . . .what are the best books?

  1. They look great! I used to have a wonderful little cookbook that I had as a child but I don’t know what’s happened to it. It was created alongside the children’s TV programme, Blue Peter, which used to have cookery items on it. Some of the things didn’t require cooking, such as salads, but they were all nicely illustrated with easy to follow methods. I think it’s terrific that your grandson is interested in food preparation at that age.

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