Oh to be so lucky! Ten days in Europe!

I wish I really did have ten days in Europe but unfortunately this was only on the coffee table.

ten days in Europe

My elder sister had told me about a great board game called Ten Days in Europe and I thought it would be a good game to buy for our grandson’s last birthday.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find that particular game and so I bought him Ten Days in the Americas instead.

ten days in the americas

The previous time I stayed at his place we played many games of Ten Days in the Americas and I told him I would try to get the Ten Days in Europe Game for when he came to spend the week with us.  We would keep the game at our house so he could play it when he visited.  The game was very difficult to find as I could not locate it here in Gippsland in any of the many toyshops so I had to resort to buying it online.

I ordered it from Amazon and was waiting for it to arrive, hopefully before our grandson arrived.  It arrived in the mail while our grandson was here so we were able to play a couple of games before he went home.

game outline

It really is a terrific game as there is quite a bit of planning involved as each player works out where they will spend their ten days and players learn the location of the countries while playing the game.   An educational game for children without them realising it is educational. If you have children or grandchildren it is a game to look out for as it is good fun.


9 thoughts on “Oh to be so lucky! Ten days in Europe!

  1. it’s always good to hear of different games. This looks very interesting. As Lorna has said above, I think I would enjoy this game too.

    • I find in my old age I am rather forgetful and I really had forgotten the precise location of many of the countries, particularly in the Americas game. It is a good reminder.

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