Mark of the Assassin

Mark of the Assassin

Mark of the Assassin, another Daniel Silva novel, was the first Silva novel I read and it is a spy thriller.

From the book jacket:

When Michael Osbourne investigates the terrorist bombing of an airliner there is one clue that drives him on: a body found in the water near the crash site with three bullet holes in its face.  Osbourne recognises the deadly markings as the work of a world-class assassin, a man whose very existence has not been proved because the only people ever to see him were his victims.  Among those victims was young woman Osbourne loved years before . . .

As Osbourne gets closer and closer to the assassin his personal obsession threatens not only the investigation but his marriage as well.  When the frightening identity of the assassin’s employers becomes clear, Osbourne puts himself and his family in the sights of the most fearsome man on earth.. . 

A fast paced mystery which starts out a bit slow but keeps your reading with twists and turns. Three shots to the face are the mark of the assassin and CIA agent Michael Osbourne knows it – he has encountered it before while working in the field.

This novel has wealthy, powerful men who would do whatever it takes to get power.  It has  political influence reaching as high as the President of the United States. It has CIA operatives who are bent and there is the added pressure coming from Michael Osbourne’s wife.  When it all begins to unravel, and the dangers escalate, Osbourne goes out on his own, telling no-one and he and his family are put in the sights of the assassin.

The frightening intensity of this thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat.  A very enjoyable read!

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  1. It sounds pretty nerve-wracking! I like the idea of his family providing another thread to the tale, it gives thrillers another dimension when there are ordinary people affected alongside the high level action. I’m interested in you saying that the book started a bit slow, but it must have had enough promise to keep you hooked. I’m reading a book at the moment which has won two prestigious book prizes, but I think I’m going to give up on it because it’s too slow. I’ve read the first eight chapters but I don’t feel interested in reading the rest. Strange, the different reactions people have to the same book. This novel has had lots of rave reviews and yet it’s not doing anything for me.

    1. suth2 says:

      I tried to read Margaret Drabble’s The Red Queen, three times. The second and third time I progressed a little further into the book but I gave up in the end, at page 171. I now have a philosophy that if it doesn’t grab me after fifty pages I give up. ( I had kept a note of the page I finished at in my copy of 1001 BOOKS YOU MUST READ BEFORE YOU DIE.

      1. I’m impressed that you tried three times with the same book. Fifty pages sounds like a good rule of thumb. I’ve just checked what page number I got up to with the book I’ve abandoned and it was page 94 so I think I gave it a fair chance. How many of the 1001 books have you read so far?

        1. suth2 says:

          Not as many as I would have liked.
          Pre 1700 – 1
          1700s – 5
          1800s – 31
          1900s – 83
          2000s – 14
          The book was published in 2006 and there are very few Australian authors present. Like all lists it is subjective. What one person chooses to put on the list is not necessarily what others might. Some authors have several books in the list.
          As you can see from the small number I have read I am going to have to live to a ripe age in order to read the 1001!

          1. Interesting that it’s done in chronological order, but the trouble with these lists, as you say, is that they’re subjective. You’re well over 10% through, that’s pretty good going I reckon.

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