I think of Popeye when I think of olive oil!


olive oil

Not that we are likely to be producing any olive oil but we have managed to harvest some olives from our little olive tree.

tree net covered

I wrote previously about how we needed to net the tree to protect it from the parrots.

This is our harvest.

olive harvest

Not a great deal, about 180 olives or enough to make a jar of pickled olives.

olivesIdeally they should all be ripe, we have a few that are not ripe but we will pickle them just the same.

We got a pickling recipe when we bought our olive tree so we are using that recipe.

pickling olives

The recipe calls for us to slit the olives in three places on the skin and then put them in brine, changing the brine every day for ten days.

olives in brine

The olives need to be kept submerged with a plate.

plate on top of olivesI will tell you about the next step in ten days time!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jennifer says:

    Ooooh I just want to get to the eating step ……. now I gotta go find some olives ………

    1. suth2 says:

      We are so hoping that the olives taste as good as those we usually buy at the Metung Markets.

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