I said I would get back to the olives so here I am.

olive curing recipe

The recipe I used is the same as this one, ours was from the plant tag on the tree. You can click on the recipe above to make it easier to read. I have discovered that the most important aspect of the process is the slitting of the olives as that allows the bitterness to leach out.

Today I bottled the olives using some lovely jars that my younger daughter had given to me for Mothers’ Day.  The jars are similar to jars that we had seen when we were in France.


I tasted the olives before making the final brine for bottling.  The olives are not bitter at all so I am hoping that the finished product will be delicious.

filled jar of olives

I had to use some other jars as well as my Mothers’ Day jars.

bottled olives

Hopefully next year we will have a bigger harvest.  This is the first time we have had enough olives to bottle.  We were able to save them from the birds.

The tree is four years old.



7 thoughts on “I said I would get back to the olives so here I am.

  1. Home pickled olives… how absolutely lovely! Sadly I don’t think an olive tree would survive in the UK as I would love to have one in my garden… maybe I might just do a little research to see if it is possible…. The Mothers Day jars your daughter were just the “ticket” for this project, they look great! Best wishes, Jay X

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