A parcel of cobwebs

I received a parcel last week.  I had ordered some wool for my next project.

Jamieson and SmithJamieson and Smith are the woolbrokers from Shetland.  I only had to buy three balls as I had one ball remaining from when I did this project previously.

old Jamieson and Smith

The yarn variation doesn’t really matter as I will use the one ball for the border and any variation in shade, if there is any, will not be noticed.

I prefer the old packaging but I guess the new packaging makes it look a bit more modern.

It will be nice to be working with fine wool for a change.  To see what my project will be you need to click here.

8 thoughts on “A parcel of cobwebs

  1. Your girls are so lucky to have such an exquisite handmade garment made with love, to be passed on down the line. Just gorgeous.💖

    • Thanks Megsy. I am looking forward to making the shawl as I will know what it is about this time round. Nice to have something that is just a keepsake, not really practical but pretty nonetheless.

  2. You’re making another exquisite shawl? That last one was superb (did you try pulling it through a wedding ring, by the way?). I think I agree with you about the packaging, there’s something sort of comforting about the old-fashioned one. It’s a pity that marketing has to be so sleek all the time now.

  3. Hi Heather,
    I have just read your latest blog and swooned over the old photo’s of your family… they are superb! I love old photo’s, we have a bit of a rouges gallery of our family ancestors around the house. I often pop into the local auction rooms to see if there are any goodies, any way, recently I bought a box of old framed photo’s thinking I would put our old family photo’s in the frames, but I didn’t have the heart to remove the photo’s, so I have kept them exactly as they were! In the lobby I have a gorgeous photo of a smiling little boy with blond curls in a sailors suit… absolutely no idea what-so-ever who is is, but he is so lovely, and is almost a member of the family too now!
    Oh my word, the shawl you are going to make will be absolutely wonderful, a real heirloom. Will you be taking photo’s of it in progress and once finished so we can see it.. PLEASE!
    Best wishes,

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