A Tour de France jumper

While watching the Tour de France I like to have a knitting project on the go.  My most recent knitting project is a Shetland shawl but because every row is different you have to give it full concentration and so it is not a suitable project for the Tour de France.

I have been meaning to knit a Yoke jumper for my elder daughter and hadn’t been able to pin her down to select a pattern and choose her colours.  She was visiting us last week and I was able to get her to do the choosing so I was then able to start work.  My daughter found the pattern online.

yoke pattern

My elder sister will recognise the pattern as it is the one I knitted her for her 21st birthday, quite a few years ago.  Interesting to note that it is now a “retropattern”.

My daughter has marked on the colours that will be used instead of those on the pattern.


I made sure I did a swatch this time as I want to make sure that it fits.  It is difficult to photograph navy blue. It just seems to come out a dark blur.


I have adapted the pattern so that I am knitting the complete jumper on circular needles or four double ended needles.  The only seam will be six stitches under the arms.


I have managed to get quite a bit of knitting done so far and I think I might manage to finish it before the end of the Tour.

While I was searching for a yoke pattern to use I created a Pinterest board which if you are interested you can check out on Pinterest by clicking on this screen shot.

yoke sweaters

Having found all these lovely sweaters I think I will probably be doing more yoke jumpers in the future.

11 thoughts on “A Tour de France jumper

  1. Such a shame there has been so many crashes in the tour this year. I hate watching the downhill runs.
    I love Kirsten’s colour choice for her jumper . Is Navy the main colour? Also some gorgeous ones on your interest board.
    Hope you are keeping well and warm .
    love Meg.xx

    • You’re right about the crashes. I am not a fan of Contador but I really felt for him last night when he continued on after his disastrous crash. I taught Mick Rogers, his right hand man when he was in Year 8 at high school. He was often late for school as he did his training runs in the morning.

      Kirsten chose navy as the main colour on her jumper. After sitting up last night until 2.00am I managed to get to the point where I have started the colour work on the yoke. The bike race was obviously too engrossing as I made a mistake in the first round of colour and had to unravel it but all is good now.
      Weather has been a bit cold but we keep the fire stoked up. We have to get more wood this week as we are running low.
      Love Heather

      • Wow, imagine Kate still has that jumper.What a gem. I loved that Brown and cream full fair isle one you knitted and turned out too small for you.It was the warmest,and surely impenetrable against the wild winds of Caithness .I think it may have been you first attempt on the circular needles.It was a work of art.x

  2. Oh my that’s pretty! I haven’t even come close to thinking about color work! Whew. Well that’s something else I can learn – don’t you just love knitting! It’s my favorite hobby now. I’m so glad I pushed on through the horrible first two sweaters where all I did was make mistakes! I like her color choices a lot!

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