A wonderful knitting handbook which supplements Elizabeth Zimmermann

The Knitter Knitting Masterclass with over 20 technical workshops and 15 beautiful patterns edited by Juliet BernardKnitting Masterclass

This is one I borrowed from the library but I will need to buy a copy for myself as I found so many good tips within the covers of this book.

joining woolJoining wool has always given me a bit of a headache.  I never know whether to make all my joins at the end of the row (fine if working on two needles) or whether to join with a knot (Zimmermann would turn in her grave at the idea of a knot) or whether to knit for a few stitches with the old yarn and the new yarn together.

Since reading this book I now join using the Russian method which is sort of like knitting with the old and new yarn together but with the added security of the wool being looped together.

If you are a knitter, what method do you use to join in a new ball of wool?

I also discovered in this book that I hold my needles and wool by the English method. (Gasp!) Why wasn’t I taught the Scottish way?

holding wool

I said that this book supplements Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitting Workshop.  There are many helpful hints in this book that are not covered in Zimmermann’s book.  I bought the Zimmermann book because I wanted the Baby Surprise pattern and I found the book to be really helpful as well as providing the pattern for the Baby Surprise Jacket. It is a jacket that is knitted all in one piece.

If you are a knitter I suggest you check out Knitting Masterclass at your local library.  You will probably end up buying one for yourself.  By the way, I would recommend it to beginners not just those who are experts already.

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