Tour de France jumper finished, another project needed for the remainder of the Tour.


I obviously chose a project that was not of an appropriate length for the Tour de France as I have completed it and we are only up to Stage 14 when I write this post.

The TourThe jumper was a joy to knit.  I had forgotten how much I enjoy colour work when knitting.

retro yoke jumper
I have now started a small project for the time being.

close upIt wont take long to knit as it is thick wool and big needles, in fact I will probably finish it on the next stage.

start of knitting

This is what I am making.

tea cosy

You can find the free pattern here.

I have a Pinterest board for woolwork, aka knitting


and another board for crochet.

crochet ideas I have made a few of the items on my boards but there are still many to choose from. You can view the boards by clicking on the pictures.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Beautiful fair isle knitting, looks like a very snuggly sweater…. and I absolutely L-O-V-E the bee hive honey pot tea pot cozie… I have down loaded the pattern and plan to have a go!
    Bye for now, Jay x

    1. suth2 says:

      The pattern is fairly easy. I don’t enjoy sewing up seams though, hopefully I will manage it ok.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I have no idea how you knit so fast …….. of course I only knit at night, so I’d get more done if I did it during the day! Lovely lovely things.

    1. suth2 says:

      The Tour de France broadcast starts at 10 pm and finishes about 1.30 or 2.00am. so that is a large chunk of knitting time each night. The Tour lasts three weeks.

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