Belated benefits from a birthday

When we were recently in Melbourne we had dinner at this restaurant. business card A bit tricky to see on the computer but the business card was all in white, very clever as you had to tilt the card to see the name.  The back of the card had the information. prix fixe card Our elder daughter had given my husband tickets to dinner at Prix Fixe for his birthday.   ( I liked the fact that I got the benefit of the birthday present too. 🙂 )He had to choose when he wanted to go.  The restaurant is innovative in the fact that it is the first ticketed restaurant in Australia.  You prepurchase your tickets for the night and the time you want and the menu is a set menu.  There is a theme for each month and this month the theme was Vive la France. menuThe food was delicious.  I am no expert at photography and these were taken on my phone so they don’t really do justice to the superb food.

The dessert paid homage to Marie Antoinette’s hairdo.

This is certainly a restaurant that provided value for money.  Also a chance to try something a little different.  We would love to go back another time.  Next month the theme is – An English Mid-winter inspired by the Chronicles of Narnia.

Prix Fixe is a dining experience not to be missed.

Update: ( Unfortunately the restaurant no longer exists.)Liberté, égalité, fraternité!  Liberté, équalité, fraternité!

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  1. jason M Jones says:

    haha and the owner (Jason M Jones – me!) is from Maffra!!!!! i am so glad you enjoyed.

    1. suth2 says:

      Maffra is the town close to Tinamba where one of our favourite restaurants is, The Tinamba Hotel.

      We had a wonderful night at Prix Fixe and will certainly visit again when next in Melbourne.

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