Some sorely missed Scottish food.

We have been down in Melbourne for the weekend, more about that later, and while we were there we visited a butchery that our elder daughter had told us about.  We had tasted some of the wares from there previously as she had purchased some for a meal she had prepared. The butchery is in Dandenong so we had to make a slight detour on our way home but it was well worth the trip.


The butchery is Rob’s British and Irish Butchery and some of the many products he sells are: black pudding, gammon, pork pies, full range of UK sausages, faggots, steak and kidney puddings and much more.  I forgot to mention haggis and streaky bacon!

They have a Facebook page here

The main purpose of our visit was to buy black pudding as it is just hard to find really good black pudding here in Australia.

black pudding

We are happy now we have a decent amount that we can divide up and freeze for use when we need it. This piece weighed almost a kilogram.

We also bought some streaky bacon and pork sausages.

streaky bacon

Do check out the butchery website here.  Well worth the visit just to see what they have on offer.

Oh! I also forgot to mention that they stock clootie dumpling.

2 thoughts on “Some sorely missed Scottish food.

  1. Will pass on the black pudding but clootie dumpling would be great. Leon enjoyed black pudding at the B & B in Pitlochry!

    • Can’t believe you are not a fan of black pudding. I love it and I think the French do a great job with their boudin. Probably something to do with the Auld Alliance. 🙂

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