Back to Banksia. . .

I have been looking for quite some time to find a plant called Banksia coccinea, in fact I have been looking for so long that my elder daughter said I should let it go.

I posted before about this particular plant.


Today we asked again at several nurseries if they had it, but all to no avail.  We were on our way home when we thought we would call in to the Tambo Vale nursery as we were looking for another particular plant to replace one that had been uprooted in the recent strong winds we had.  On the way into the nursery my husband spotted a banksia coccinea so we were delighted.

It was purchased and now we need to find a suitable spot to plant it as it is apparently difficult to grow in this region as it is a West Australian native.  We need to make sure it is in full sun and well drained soil.

banksia coccinea

It is only a small plant so we will need to nurture it.

Hopefully we will eventually see some beautiful blooms.banksia coccinea

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