Some changes in the front entry.


I have been doing a bit of painting lately.  I decided our front entry was too dark and so decided to give it a bit of a lift.

hallway into studyThis is looking towards the study.

towards the front doorTowards the front door before I started painting.

I wanted to lighten things up a bit so have gone for pearl grey for the walls and white for the woodwork.

three in one prep coatThis is with the prep coat on.  The door is a pain to paint as the glass is pebbled and so putting masking tape on is no use as paint would just go under in the dips of the glass so I have to paint the door without tape.  I would really like to get a new door so we have been looking at possible replacements and we might go for this one.

possible new front doorWe will see how the old door looks once it has its new coat of paint.

I have finished the ceiling, walls and the architraves and now just have to do the doors.

walls and architraves doneWe will need to get an electrician in to replace the light switches as they are brown and we need to have white.  We had difficulty getting a handle for the sliding door as now the recessed handles that are made are a smaller size than they were twenty years ago.  The difficulty is the cut out in the door so we need a handle that will cover that cut out.  Hopefully we will be able to solve that problem.


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