These boots are made for walking



I have just finished making a pair of bootees.  The pattern is from Bonita Patterns which you can find at this website. I have a niece called Bonita so it was a nice link for the bootees for our future grandchild.

I saw the bootees on my younger daughter’s Pinterest board

Screen shot 2014-08-15 at 10.57.34 AM

and thought I would give them a try with some of the wool that I have in the stash I am trying to diminish.  The wool is from my elder daughter who was decluttering when she moved house. The wool is Koigu Painters Palette. They have a website here.

The wool I used has beautiful autumnal tonings whereas the wool on the Pinterest picture is bright.  After making this pair I think I will now make a pair in bright colours.

It was a bit of a trial making the first bootee as I haven’t done crocodile stitch before and had difficulties working it out.  Eventually I resorted to Ravelry to get some help there.

I found a video and followed that. I had forgotten that I could have looked on Youtube and found instructions there too.  Once I knew how to do the stitch the written instructions were really quite clear it was just that I didn’t know how to interpret them!

I finished the first bootee only to discover that in my delight at being able to do the crocodile stitch I had misread the other instructions and the flap for the buttons was at the wrong end.

wrong booteeThe crocodile scales should be on the flap and the blank part underneath.  This bootee is not the same wool as the finished pair.  When I discovered my mistake I started again with a different lot of wool. The top picture in this post is a bit washed out in colour so the following pictures are a more realistic portrayal of the actual colour of the bootees.


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