An Australian author I enjoy

I have written previously about the debut novel of Sulari Gentill but since that time she has been prolific in her writings.  I have read A Few Right Thinking Men, A Decline in Prophets and Paving the New Road.  She has also written Miles Off Course but I haven’t read that one.  I am just about to read the fifth book in the series and it is called Gentlemen Formerly Dressed. She has also written The Hero Trilogy, a fantasy adventure series.

Paving the New RoadPaving the New Road was set in the early 1930s and the bulk of the action takes place in Nazi Germany.  This book fits into the historical novel category as well as crime fiction so it is an ideal book for my reading likes.

From the cover:

It’s 1933, and the political landscape of Europe is darkening.  Eric Campbell, the man who would be Australia’s Fuhrer is on a fascist tour of the Continent, meeting dictators over cocktails and seeking allegiances in a common cause.  Yet the Australian way of life is not undefended.  Old enemies have united to undermine Campbell’s ambitions.  The clandestine armies of the Establishment have once again mobilised to thwart any friendship with the Third Reich.

But when their man in Munich is killed, desperate measures are necessary.

Now Rowland Sinclair must travel to Germany to defend Australian democracy from the relentless march of Fascism.  Amidst the goose-stepping euphoria of a rising Nazi movement, Rowland encounters those who will change the course of history.  In a world of spies, murderers and despotic madmen, he can trust no-one but an artist, a poet and a brazen sculptress.

Sulari Gentill does a wonderful job of bringing Australian history to life with the inclusion of real characters amongst her fictitious. Rowland Sinclair is the debonair and charming protagonist of this series and he along with his friends provide the vehicle for this wonderful look at Australian history while giving us the intrigue of a crime fiction novel.

Highly recommended. A rollicking read.

This is another book for my Historical Fiction Reading Challenge.

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