September has finished, now where did it go?


I find it hard to believe that we are already in October.  I can’t think what happened to September but it doesn’t feel as if it really happened.  I guess when you are busy enjoying yourself the time really flies. I managed to fit in two trips to Melbourne and Canberra during the month.

Did I get many historical fiction books read in September? I managed three for the challenge but I also read a few others in crime fiction.  I have completed 28 in the historical fiction challenge so far.

On my trip to Melbourne I was listening to an audio book by Lynda La Plante. . .Backlash. It is a great way to make the trip go quickly while listening to the story.  Unfortunately there was something wrong with the CD player in the car and I only got to disk 5 at which point the disk got stuck in the player!

When I reached home I was able to listen to the remaining disks on a player at home and discovered that I am not someone who can sit still to listen to a book.  I need to be doing something else at the same time.  I just can’t sit still unless my hands are occupied too, eg knitting or crocheting.  I am fine if I am holding on to an actual book but that isn’t possible with an audio book. Anyway I finished the book and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I was about to head off to the auto electricians to see if he could get the disk out of the car CD player when I thought I would try to eject it once more.  Thankfully the disk came out.  The audio book was from the library so it was imperative that I retrieved the disk.

I won’t be listening to any more CD audio books I will download them onto my phone using Borrowbox that way no CDs can get stuck in the car player.



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  1. Emma Jade says:

    It will be Christmas before we know it.

    1. suth2 says:

      Any ideas on what you would like for Christmas?

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