Smoothies or juice? Cold press, slow or traditional?


I have recently purchased a slow or cold press juicer.  You might be wondering what a slow juicer is.

juicerIt differs from the traditional juicer in that it produces more juice for the same amount of ingredients, it has higher nutrient extraction and has the ability to juice a wider variety of fruit and vegetables, including leafy greens.  At least that is what the marketing tells you.

I have been trying all sorts of juices and so far I have enjoyed each one.

When I bought the juicer I saw this book at Kmart and thought it would be just the thing to go with the juicer.

Green SmoothiesAlthough the book is mainly about smoothies there are many juice recipes too.

smoothies and juice

The following recipe was the first one I tried and it was delicious.

juice recipeYou can click on the picture to see it more clearly.

I can see that juice will now become part of a regular routine for me.

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