Butter makes it better.

Those of you who know me well will know of my love of butter.  As I was “shaving off a bit of butter” for my morning toast this morning it brought back memories of my mum and dad.

breakfast butterThere are many reasons for this but the first one is the fact that the butter formed into a curl.  The curl was what triggered the memories.  Mum used to get us to curl the butter when she had visitors coming.   The tool we used was a very basic piece of equipment and I always had great difficulty in getting the butter to make curls to my satisfaction.  Mine never turned out quite like those expert ones in the photo below.

Expert butter curls

David Masters – FlickrCurled Butter

The tool you can buy nowadays looks like this.

modern curling tool

The tool we used wasn’t in a curved shape, it was a flat blade with the serrations on it, the blade being the width of the butter curl.

In my breakfast photo of the butter curl you can see our butter dish.  Our original butter dish was one that I sent away for after watching Peter Russell Clarke on television.  He used to sprout about how butter makes it better and there was a special offer for a cheap butter dish.  It looked just like the one I have now.  The original was broken many years ago. If you have no idea who Peter Russell Clarke is you will need to check out this short video.

The memories of my dad was that he used to rib me about the amount of butter I used.  He would say things like “Are you sure you have enough butter with your bread?”

It’s interesting how an everyday event can trigger so many memories.

I then remembered how we used to be sent for the messages. The grocer was Mr Green (correction – Mr Storer, my sister has a better memory than I do) and he used to parcel up the butter after cutting off the amount we required. We also used to get Lurpak butter, which was Danish, and New Zealand butter. My childhood was spent in Scotland.

(Mr Green was the auctioneer not the grocer!)

Betty Botter


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Rachael says:

    A wonderful post ….. so many good memories around the most delicious fat there is. I was SO happy when I found out margarine is bad for you ……..

    1. suth2 says:

      Yes, margarine is certainly not for me. Butter just makes things taste so much better. Can you imagine fresh corn on the cob without butter melting on it? It just wouldn’t taste the same.

      1. Rachael says:

        I know and lots of salt …… the joys of life!

  2. Meg Thompson says:

    The froggies can’t be wrong!

    1. suth2 says:

      How right you are. The best butter we ever had was on our first visit to France. We bought the butter direct from the farm and it was fantastic. Maybe a lot had to do with the delicious baguette and the jam and creme fraiche on the top. 🙂

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