The flowers that bloom in the spring tra la!


photo 1(Ignore the random button on the shelf. :-))

I have posted before about how I enjoy flowers from the garden and being able to pick them and bring the sunshine indoors. leucodendron

We have a mainly native plants in our garden but I planted several roses when we moved here as I have always enjoyed roses.


At the moment I am spoilt for choice as we have a wonderful selection in bloom.  These are just a few.

The colours in the garden are constantly changing and the irises are blooming.

Again we have a variety of colours but these are just a couple.

At our previous house we had a really dark iris and I wasn’t sure if we had brought a corm with us but it is here.  Just bloomed today.

IMG_2076It really is dark.

IMG_2074Some other blooms on display.

There are some flowers just about ready to open, the opium poppy being one of them.



Who wouldn’t enjoy the spoils of gardening?  It makes all the weeding worthwhile.

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  1. Kate says:

    Makes me really jealous especially as we no longer have our lovely Canberra roses!

    1. suth2 says:

      I think our roses are established at last. It has taken six years and I think I have finally got the ratio of fertilising right. All of the bushes are producing beautifully.
      You may be missing your Canberra roses but you have swapped them for some beautiful bougainvilleas etc.

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