Oh no! I have run out of wool.

I have been working on completing the Brora Shawl in readiness for the arrival of our new grandchild.  The expected date is 23 November so I was hoping to have it completed before then.

This is how far I have reached.

Shetland shawlI am at round 157 of 197 rounds.  I will need another ball of wool.

I am pleased with how it is turning out despite the issues I had in the first few rounds.  I think it will look lovely once it has been washed and blocked.  You can’t really see the pattern clearly until you do the blocking.

cobweb knitting pattern

I went back online to order another ball of wool from the source where I ordered this lot and the owner is sick and is not fulfilling any orders at present so I have had to source the ball of wool elsewhere.  I went on Ravelry to see if anyone had a spare ball for sale in their stash but it was not to be. I was eventually able to get a ball directly from the original makers, Shetland Woolbrokers. It won’t be the same dyelot but I don’t think it will make much difference.  I will do a post when I get the shawl finished.

5 thoughts on “Oh no! I have run out of wool.

    • It certainly has a few family links. I used a left over ball of wool from the shawl I knitted for my first grandchild and the wool was bought from Canada, where my elder sister was born. The wool I bought for this shawl came from Devon where my sister in law came from. The final ball of wool came directly from Scotland, where I was born.

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