Family, grandparents and grandchildren

One of the blogs I follow is called Under the Sycamore.  Recently Ashley wrote a post about her grandparents and her grandparents’ house which is well worth reading.  It got me thinking about my grandparents.  I never knew grandparents on either side of my family so I feel blessed to be able to be a grandparent to my grandchildren.  There are many people who never get the opportunity to be grandparents and there are many children who never know their grandparents. My wonderful children have blessed me with grandchildren and I treasure the time I get to spend with my grandchildren as they give so much joy.

I have a photo of one of my grandparents. This is my father’s mother with one of my elder sisters.


I think the closest I had to a grandparent was my Great Auntie Maggie and my Great Auntie Geordie who were sisters.  My Auntie Maggie never married but she was a lovely kind lady and I used to spend some of the holidays staying with her and her sister. More lovely memories.

Auntie Maggie, Dad, George and meThat’s my Auntie Maggie with my dad, my younger brother and me.

My parents were lucky enough to be grandparents and great-grandparents. Maybe I will live long enough to be a great-grandparent!  Do check out the post on Under the Sycamore.

2 thoughts on “Family, grandparents and grandchildren

  1. Yes,such happy memories of Auntie Maggie especially! I am sure our children look on their great auntie Renie in the same fond way.

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