Gardening. . . .pass it on.

Gardening Bonavista TJust look at those industrious children.

I remember as a child enjoying the fruits of my dad’s labour.

blackcurrantsDelicious raspberries, blackcurrants, strawberries and apples. (Don’t know who my hairdresser was!)

The house next door played a part in our childhood and my siblings and I have many fond memories of the next door neighbours.  They also had a beautiful garden. This is the next door neighbours’ garden.

Mrs Afflecks

My dad was a very keen gardener and he obviously passed on to his children this love.  Our garden was a very productive one and when we moved to a larger house it also had enough land for him to have a “decorative front garden” as well as the productive garden out the back. The garden was in total neglect when we moved and I remember the hard work involved in turning the garden into the garden that he wanted.

Our children are all very keen gardeners and it is a delight to see them passing this love of gardening on to their children.

2 thoughts on “Gardening. . . .pass it on.

    • Lovely to get a comment from you Geordie. I haven’t been quite so regular in my postings lately but try to get at least one done during the week.
      The gardening post linked in well with Megsy’s memories of Mrs Affleck’s paintings.

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