Seamstress, dressmaker, sewer or needlewoman


I have read the Seamstress now I have read Posie Graeme Evans‘ book The Dressmaker. It is the first historical fiction I have read in the last couple of months.  I have been caught up reading Lee Child’s series on Jack Reacher.

The DressmakerAs the quote on the front says: “all the delicious elements required for true escapism”  which meant that this was a book that I read very quickly.  It was true escapism with some of the coincidences that occurred within the book making it truly “fiction”.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I will now look for other titles by this author.

From the back cover:

Ellen Gowan is an enigma.  Why is she such a young widow?  Where does she come from?  And how did she learn to make such exquisite gowns?

Orphaned at thirteen, pregnant at fifteen, Ellen endures loss, loneliness and betrayal to become society’s most talented and sought-after dressmaker to the aristocracy of Victorian England.

Ellen Gowan’s story is a powerful testament to one woman’s indomitable spirit as she fights tenaciously for the survival of her family.

This is a novel by an Australian author who is also the creator and producer of McLeod’s Daughters – a successful television drama series.

The Dressmaker is now added to my Historical Fiction Reading Challenge.




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