Patterson Park to open December 13th

Thanks to Jess for letting me know that the park is due to open on 13th December.

I went down to the park this morning to get some more pictures on the progress. When I returned home and logged onto WordPress I found that Jess had left a message saying that the park was due to open on 13th December.

panoramaI tried to take a panorama shot of the park but the mesh screening was a bit of a problem. If you click on the panorama you can enlarge the photo.

Patterson Park MetungThe water play fountain concrete had been laid and the turf has also been laid.  The finishing touches are now being added.

Patterson Park updateYou can just make out the two barbeques on the left handside of the background. I am glad that it is going to be finished for the start of the school holidays.  The park is certainly a huge improvement on what was there previously.

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  1. Thanks for the undated… look forward to seeing pic’s of the opening day of 13th Dec, good luck and best wishes for all those involved in the park…. Jay x

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