Cousins creating memories.


During the holidays we were looking after two of our grandchildren and while they were with us our other grandchildren visited for a few days.  Seeing the children renew their friendships, they don’t see each other very often, and enjoy each others company, was a delight to watch.  New cousins were met for the first time.

IMG_2396The older ones teach the younger ones and the younger ones look up to the older ones, just like brothers and sisters.  We are so fortunate to have grandchildren and be close enough to enjoy their company.

two little maids

Two little maids being princesses.

When watching our grandchildren together it reminded me of the times I spent with my cousins and how much fun we had.  Again I was lucky that I had cousins to spend time with.

Kate, Joan, me, Pat, Geordie Burrigle,Peter

We had many happy times with our cousins on their farm.

trailerWe also spent time swimming down in the “Poolie”.  This is a rock pool which is filled by water from the North Sea.  Not the warmest but lots of fun.

poolieOur children were also fortunate in that they could create memories with the cousins they had.  Those cousins who lived close were indeed like older brother and sister to our children and they spent many happy times together.

Teaching his cousin to windsurf
Teaching his cousin to windsurf
Watching the fire in readiness for damper
Watching the fire in readiness for damper after hiking

Their other cousins lived further away but when they got together it was guaranteed good times.

What memories did you create with your cousins?

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  1. Kate says:

    Yes indeed we were so lucky to have had such great fun with our cousins over the years!

  2. What lovely photos. It’s great that all these generations are enjoying their family ties. I rarely saw any of my cousins when I was growing up because none of them lived in Scotland. One good thing about social media, however, is that I’m now in touch with some of them as adults. I was lucky to have three siblings and lots of children in my street, but cousins nearby would have been nice.

    1. suth2 says:

      I was lucky to be part of a large family. Our children are spread out but as you say, social media helps folk keep in contact. Skype is wonderful for those overseas and those some distance in our own country. I can see the progress of my new granddaughter even though she is some five and a half hours drive away. Pictures over Skype mean I don’t miss out.

  3. Mark Sutherland says:

    Loved seeing these pics!!! Especially the one with Geordie “Burrigle” my dad. It was great meeting you in Forse during your visit. Mark

    1. suth2 says:

      Thanks Mark. It was lovely to make the connection with you and your daughter. It is a pity we missed out on meeting your wife. Maybe one day you will make a trip to Australia and catch up with family members here. We would love to host you at our house in Metung.
      Have a great 2019.

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